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Yuki Liu

Yuki Liu

COO OSVehicle

Born in Italy in 1978 and currently residing in Shenzhen, China, Yuki Liu is in the business consulting industry since 2005 with a focus on design&architecture-centric projects. She is Managing Director at Italchina, an international company that assists Italian enterprises in China market entry and growth strategy, research, analysis and advisory with top clients like Cagiva Group (Cagiva, Ducati, Moto Morini, Husqvarna, Mini Moke) and Giugiaro Design.
Previously, she played and active part on the organisation of “The Brands and Designers Awards”, a brands and design-centric exhibition in China, for Verbacom Ltd. and Shenzhen Government, arranging seminars and awards ceremony highlighting well-known International designers, architects and CEOs of famous brand companies, which raised a design revolution in the world as a whole.

She’s also experienced in American real estate investments currently spending 1/3 of the year in Florida, US, where she is an active property investor and successfully involve outside investors in high percentage of profits deals.

Ever-ready to depart for the next business trip, she makes herself understood almost everywhere speaking fluently Italian, Chinese, English, Spanish and Cantonese.

Mother of two wonderful boys, she believes that synergy and beauty will save the world and with devotion Yuki cultivates her passion for fine food and wine from all over the world.


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My actual project

Hacking the automotive industry 

from making to hacking cars

Gianluca Dettori

CEO, dPixel - Ventura Capital firm

Building cars on open platforms is an idea whose time has come

Brad Templeton

influencer, Singularity University - Google Self Driving Car

Magnificent project to follow

Tristan Nitot

President, Mozilla Europe

Today I saw the future of the automotive business in an Open Source world

Riccardo Luna

editor La Repubblica, Italian Digital Champion - Founder of Wired Italy

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My skills

My passion and where I put my focus

  • Open Source Hardware 70%
  • Startup 77%
  • Marketing 78%
  • Transportation 75%

Italchina is a company I collaborated with in China. Mrs. Yuki Liu worked in close contact with me organizing marketing presentations in independent and capable way, for content and quality of graphic both. We partecipated to many meetings with clients together. She has excellent capabilities in languages, because she speaks Italian, English and Chinese as mother languages. Her help was very useful in talking and negotiation, based on her underdtanding of different cultures too. I’m still in contact with Yuki and I recomend her for this kind of work without doubt.


Roberto Ugolini

CEO, Ugolini Design

You have always done in a professional work in Italy and China !!

Ampelio Macchi


Effiencient and committed.

Giancarlo Perini

Director, Studio Perini

focalizzata agli obiettivi e al loro raggiungimento. Ottima risorsa nello scouting in China

Adamo Simei

Direzione acquisti, Albini e Fontanot SPA

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My thoughts

Most of my updates are available on my social channels, I’ll try to post more public info here